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What Are
Web Push

Web Push Notifications are also known as Browser Notifications that allow website users to build engagement with the web app without installing the website app, i.e., these notifications can be directly sent to the devices without opening or installing the app. These notifications or messages are delivered to user’s devices like computers or mobiles by a website or a web app.

The main advantage of using the Web Push notifications is that these notifications can be sent to the user's devices even when they are not available on your website. These notifications are delivered to those users who opted-in to receive the notifications.

The chrome browser not only supports the web push notification, but the browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Samsung also support the web push notifications.


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Create Domain
Create Domain
Set Config
Set Config Code on Domain
Verify Domain
Verify Domain
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Why do
marketers use Web
Push Notifications?

Marketers mainly use the Web push notifications to build engagement with the user. Online businesses belonging to different fields rely on the web push notifications to engage themselves with their users. Web push notifications can be considered as a communication medium for engaging users with apps. The major reason for the adoption of the web push notifications is the decrease in the performance of display ads.

Web push notifications provide timely updates or flow of information similar to the native app notifications. User does not require to download and install an application for getting the subscription of these notifications. To get the subscription, the user is prompted with a window that appears on the left side of the user’s device; if the user selects the Allow button, then the app starts sending the notifications to the users.

The usage of web push notification has been increased in the last few years. Nowadays, web push notification is having excessive visibility as it increases the click-through rate between 5%-15% by engaging more users to your web app, i.e., 10 times better than email.

Web push notifications are highly used by the Editors, digital marketers, SEOs, and retargeting experts to drive their marketing flywheel. Besides this, there are 3 ways of using web push notifications across your marketing funnel.

Content Distribution
Content Distribution

Content distribution is the way of distributing the content to online users through various mediums. Through the web push notifications, users can get timely updates regarding new articles, podcasts, video content, social posts, videos.


Here, retargeting means targeting the users who have already visited your website. Various channels are used today to retarget their customers, but today's most common channel is web push notification.


Push notification is the best strategy for engaging customers, loyal readers with your app persistently. It reminds the users about your app or brand.

Type of
Push Notification

The two types of Push notifications that we are providing you.


Evaluation of a
Web Push

There are 4 key elements that require to create a web push notification - Icon, Title, Website URL, Description.

  • Icon

    It adds a logo to your notification, which makes our web push notification more noticeable.

  • Title

    The title should be meaningful as it is the first that the users read. It captures the user’s attention.

  • Website URL

    The website URL defines the website domain that has sent the notification.

  • Description

    This section describes what the message is all about, and it should be precise as it provides the main reason for the user to click on the notification.

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